S Maguire cover work 16-20 April

Year 9

Listos 1 P. 81. Write out 3 roleplays based on Ex 7, changing the information.
P. 84 - complete Ex 1a.
Copy out the grammar points into cuadernos.
P. 85 Ex 4 - copy and complete.
P. 86 - copy out the vocabulary box.
P.87 - copy out the 2 letters and translate.
P.89 Translate the letter.
P.89 Copy out the song into cuadernos and illustrate.
P.90 - use p.97 to illustrate and lable each of the types of weather.

Year 10

Booklet on La Comida. Pupils are to work through booklet over 3 periods. For homework they are to research typical Spanish food and recipes.

Year 11

My Area (Mi Barrio) booklets and environment booklets to be given out. Pupils are to work through both booklets.

Year 12

They have been given 3 past paper Reading to complete over Easter and 3 to do this week. In class they will do past paper listenings from small booklets and in each class pupils know where to find the listenings. Please note - Due to an error in photocopies, do 1 double period of listening and rest of the week they will do readings. 4 pupils who were absent do not have these papers. They are on shelves in the storeroom.

Recordings – Shared Documents – Modern Languages-CCEA Listenings – Spanish – GCSE.

*Please remind them to stay on schedule with the revision plan on the wiki*

Any pupils who have all 6 papers done, can get the Edexcel one from storeroom.

Year 13

They have been given plenty of past papers to work through plus their grammar booklet. They should be listening to Spanish news on a nightly basis from now on.

Year 14

Have lots of prose and readings to do. They will be told to email me Literature essays over Easter (Gertrudis) and also over the week.

Haga una comparación entre Tita y su hermana Gertrudis. ¿A cuál de las dos admira más y por qué?

Year 14 have a revision plan of chapters from Kerboodle to develop vocabulary and listening skills from now until the exam.