In preparation for your exam, get yourself a revision book which you will use to plan and organise your revision.

You must get your revision book signed on a weekly basis by your parent or guardian. It is essential that you are actively working to the very best of your ability in the weeks ahead to ensure you reach your full potential. Every little helps and hard work invested over the upcoming weeks could have a really positive impact on your final grade, so let's get going!

Using the wiki, ensure you are familiar with all of the electronic resources available here. Save the documents to your PC. Start with the Vocabulary page and focus on the topic of School and Education as this is your topic for the upcoming Speaking Task. Rather than printing off these documents, your aim should be to use your revision book to note the vocabulary which you don't know and using a variety of learning and revision techniques, you will aim to have reduced this list to an A4 page by reviewing about 20 words a night and checking how well you know them.

Please note: p38-48 contains the GCSE Core minimum vocabulary list.

Revision Cards

Improving writing