Listening Practice

Advanced: RTVE 4 mins news update daily.

AS+A2 pupils use Kerboodle to practice listenings with the online textbook. Ask for your username and password.

University of Texas at Austin. Select short listenings to meet your level. Note down new vocabulary as you work through them.
Teresa Sanchez podcasts. Excellent material to download or subscribe to free.
Euronews. Start the year with a great habit of following Euronews in Spanish. Also available on digital TV in Spanish Channel 620 with Virginmedia. (Gracias Anna for tip of the year!)

Titanic Barcelona. Listen to the plans for the Titanic Centenary in Barcelona.]

Veinte Mundos. Audio magazine.

Punto y Coma - an advanced online magazine with audio files.

Year 14 - 4 minutos de noticias.