Overview of YEAR 10 2014/2015

Make sure you revise all key vocabulary on the following topics:

  • Hobbies and activities,
  • Types of films,
  • Myself and family,
  • Opinions.

Me gustaría = I would like
To help you revise, go to Languagesonline and click on Caminos 2 Unidad 3 to practice the verb Jugar and Practicar as well as sports and your opinions.
Advice for preparing for the Reading exam.
Past times practice.
In case you are missing any notes, here is an excellent booklet to check your cuaderno with. You do not need to know all of this, but you can use the pages with the revision list above to check for vocabulary:

Holidays February 2013

Please check the Year 11 page on the wiki for material.