Tips for AS Paper 2
Listening - SECTION A /30

Make sure you are in school at least 30 minutes before the exam. Remember to bring your earphones.
  • 40 minutes is not long. It passes quickly so pace yourself well and make sure you are leaving enough time to get Q2 completed.
  • Look carefully at mark allocation to ensure that you have given enough detail in response to the question.
  • READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY. You will not get marks for answering the correct information as a response to the wrong question.
  • Make sure you know your question words.
  • Listen carefully for negatives which change the sentence to the exact opposite.

Nunca – never Jamás – never Nadie – no one
Tampoco – neither Ni siquiera – not even Ni……….neither ….nor…..
  • Beware of false friends!
Éxito/salida Asistir/ayudar Actualmente/en realidad/de hecho
Embarazada/avergonzada Realizar/darse cuenta de Carpeta/alfombra

Reading - B1
Q1 - /5
Q2 - /25

  • Do not copy directly from the text as you will lose marks for this.
  • If you can use synonyms, do.
  • Convey the meaning of the text by changing verbs for nouns and vice versa.
En los colegios hoy en día, hay mucha intimidación, violencia y amenazas hacia los profesores.
Actualmente, en los institutos los alumnos intimidan y amenazan a sus profesores y se muestran violentos/son violentos/su comportamiento es violento.

Translation - B2 /20

Read your notes on translation tips to go through the points already covered in class.
Take care with your spelling and grammar in English. Does it read like it is an original version of the text?
Check you have the correct subject/object of the verb. Revise Palabra Por Palabra and read widely to develop your vocabulary.
Again – beware of false friends. Use your knowledge of cognates for a word you have not met before.

Responsive writing - C - /50
Marks for AO2 (understanding) 20
Marks for AO3 (Target Language) 30

Read all tips and advice already given out in class. Take time to plan your essay - Structure your response.
Make sure you answer the questions and address ALL 3 BULLET POINTS. This is essential.
Use as much of the idiomatic language you have acquired over the year to display your linguistic competence. Include a variety of idiomatic structures, tenses and subjunctive (present/perfect/imperfect if possible). Look at the mark scheme so that you are very familiar with what is expected for a Band 5 response.