Year 13 AS Speaking

Part 1: Presentation: a prepared presentation and discussion which is drawn from a topic within the AS context for learning.

The presentation will last approximately 3 minutes.
The discussion will last approximately 2 minutes.

Part 2: Conversation: a general conversation which will focus on issues pertaining to the life and interests of the candidate.
This will last approximately 8-9 minutes.

Total time 13 Minutes.
Total Marks: 70.

Planning of Presentation.

You will select a topic which fits into the AS Specification topics and check the topic for suitability with Paloma before starting to research.

Week 14 Jan - Decide on your topic and after getting it checked, start to research it.

Week 21 Jan - Write the introduction to your presentation. Get this checked before moving to next stage.

Week 28 Jan - Write Paragraph 1.

Week 4 Feb - Write Paragraph 2.

Week 11 Feb - Write Paragraph 3.

Week 18 Feb - Write Conclusion.

Week 25 Feb - Work experience for Year 13.

Week 4 March - Presentation completed + corrected at each stage with Paloma. A final copy submitted.

Start to learn and complete 60 words sheet + preparation sheet with 5 main bullet points.